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My journey to becoming internet’s durling


If you follow James Brown, you know him as the dashing, charming, and charismatic influencer who has been entertaining millions with his quirky and funny content for years.

What you may not realize is that his journey to becoming the internet’s darling wasn’t all glamour and glitz.

In fact, before he was a social media celebrity, James Brown was just a normal guy trying to make it big in the entertainment industry.

Thanks to a little luck and a lot of hard work, he now has a massive following across all social media platforms.

But what was it like for him before all the fame? In this book, James Brown answers that question and more.

The book details his life before he became an influencer, including some of the mistakes he made along the way and lessons he learned about managing his internet presence.

If you’ve ever wondered how someone goes from being an average person with a bunch of friends on Facebook to one of the biggest names in social media today— you’ll want to check out this book!

In this book, James Brown shows his amazing rise to fame and the struggles he had to face in order to become one of the most popular influencer



Escaping Reality 1

As compared to growing up amidst uncertainties, battling with ignorance, and wondering why people do what they do and not the other way round, I am better exposed to the knowledge of how the world works, but that has only heightened my curiosity.


Influencing tips from my setbacks

Like every grass to grace story, I am sure you are expecting the narrative to ease up, or maybe fast- forwarded to the good part, like that popular Instagram reel song The Good Part by AJR, but no darling, we are not there yet.


There was no caught

Fame comes with its consequences especially if it is spontaneous. By spontaneous, I mean if it is a particular incident that has launched you into people’s awareness and not a long process of working and getting familiar with them.


Breaking barriers and fulfilling purpose

I know you must have wondered what inspired me to write this book. I have two primary reasons…


Of love, lessons and gratitude

There’s a say in Yoruba, “Irú Olórun ni kòsí, iru èyàn po.” It translates as there are several replacements for humans but no replacement for God.
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